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  1. After reading through many presentations, OpenStack Documentation sites, Compute and Network Administration manuals, I understood that the compute architecture can be designed with many nova compute nodes (nova-compute daemon and Hypervisors) and a cloud controller (other than nova-compute services viz. API server, nova-scheduler,nova-volume, nova-network). Here comes my big doubt!! (could be basic). Its mentioned in the compute administration manual (Folsom Release) that volumeManager can be used in the nova service to interact with the Cinder (which is segregated function of nova-volume). But the manuals does not speak about Quantum N/W manager. The diagram above confuses me, is there a process called QuantumNetworkManager as like Volume Manager? I assume that the nova network block presented above can be said as cloud controller or nova service. Another question is that, either nova-network or quantum can be deployed. I hope both cannot co-exist as per the compute manual. Even in this case, the nova-network component inside the cloud controller runs?

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